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Truck Accidents

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Trucks, whether it be a massive 18-wheeler or a semi can certainly be dangerous when driven incorrectly on the roads, with smaller vehicles often not standing much of a chance of escaping both damage and injury when an accident occurs. With risk being high it is important to contact an experienced Louisville lawyer if you have been in a recent truck accident, to ensure that you and your family receive the support and assistance you deserve in terms of filing a claim for compensation.

With Louisville Injury Law Firm offering free initial consultations, where our trusted and highly experienced litigation lawyers can assess the merits of your case, and come up with a plan of attack, you simply can’t go wrong! Give us a call today!

High stakes claims. Get it right the first time.

As truck accidents tend to involve large scale accidents, where damage tends to be extensive and injuries can be severe and even fatal, it is important to engage the services of an experienced lawyer, who will support you through the claims process, advocating on your behalf to achieve the best result possible.

With large sums of money at stake, it is important to engage a professional who has extensive experience. The dedicated and highly-skilled team at Louisville Injury Law Firm have assisted a large number of truck accident victims, achieving substantial compensation payouts, which make us the perfect team for you!

Leading causes of truck accidents in Louisville

Like most states in the US, the leading causes of truck accidents are quite common and include;

Driver error

Pressures to meet deadlines in a fast paced and highly competitive industry

Unsafe turns and lane changes

Failing to abide by traffic signs and signals

Poor conditions

Aggressive driving and tailgating

Defective and poorly maintained vehicles

Mechanical fault

It is extremely common for there to be more than one factor that has contributed to the cause of a truck accident. In terms of a successful claim it is important to understand exactly what the cause or causes of the truck accident were, so that you can take appropriate action in terms of your claim.

At Louisville Injury Law Firm, we work collaboratively with you and many trained experts, including accident reconstruction experts to ensure we get to the bottom of the cause of your accident so we can take the steps necessary to file a successful claim for compensation on your behalf.

Responsible parties – who you can take action against
Another essential component of a truck accident compensation claim, is determining who to file your claim against. In contrast to a motor vehicle accident or a motorcycle accident, there are a range of people who could be responsible for the accident and who you could possibly take action against. These include;

The driver of the truck

The company who owns the truck or the company who employs the driver

The company who completes the maintenance on the truck

The manufacturer of the parts should the truck be deemed defective

Other drivers or pedestrians who contributed to the accident

What types of injuries do truck accidents cause?

Truck accidents can be fatal. However, if you are lucky enough to survive a truck accident, the injuries you can suffer from can be extremely serious and result in lengthy rehabilitation, treatment and ongoing medical bills

Some of the most common injuries our clients’ experience as a result of a truck accident include;

Brain injuries

Broken bones and lacerations

Spinal cord damage and paralysis


Tissue injuries and damage to internal organs

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with our truck accident compensation claim, please get in touch with our highly experienced team today!

Don’t delay your recovery by negotiation with insurance companies and defense lawyers yourself, partner with us at Louisville Injury Law Firm today, and get the ball rolling NOW!

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