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Locally Owned Personal Injury Law Office in Louisville Kentucky

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers know what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Medical Bills

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Lost Wages


The Louisville Injury Law Firm serves KENTUCKY, INDIANA, and OHIO for all types of personal injury cases. Our experienced team of attorneys offers free case evaluations 24/7 and works to help anyone who has been hurt in:


  • car accidents
  • truck accidents
  • wrongful death
  • motorcycle accidents
  • bike accidents
  • pedestrians hit by vehicle cases
  • bus accidents
  • Lyft accidents
  • uber accidents
  • ridesharing accidents
  • 18 wheeler and semi-truck accidents
  • premises liability and slip and fall injuries
  • ATV and four-wheeler wrecks
  • single-vehicle crashes
  • multi-car crashes
  • as well as personal injury cases


Our Louisville Injury Lawyers will take the stress away from dealing with incoming medical bills and take on the insurance companies for you while you focus on healing. Our Office works on a contingency fee basis, which means, you never pay a penny unless we win or settle your case. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best legal representation possible. We will do whatever it takes to get you the legal justice and compensation you and your family deserve for your losses. Please call us immediately after your injury or accident for best results and to receive your free case evaluation.

For best results and maximum compensation, call immediately after the accident


The Basics of Personal Injury Law

Here’s what you need to know about personal injury law in Kentucky.

An unexpected accident or injury can change your life in a second. From the physical pain and trauma to the sheer devastation of the experience; you will need to be your strongest when your body is trying to heal. What happens after the injury is a more taxing process because not only do you have to focus on your health and lifestyle changes but also try to foot the enormous healthcare bills.


A stay in the hospital and the consecutive tests and medication can pile up to a mountain of debt that you may have to clear off during a time of temporary unemployment. In some unfortunate cases, people are forced to change their employment and lifestyle due to the injuries sustained. Amongst all these challenges, the emotional burden is often neglected while calculating the losses.


Due to the sheer magnitude of the impact an injury has on your life, the federal laws and the state have collectively defined a list of precautions to stay safe and sound. If only people started to be more responsible on the roads, then injury-inducing accidents would naturally come down to a fraction.


Countless people suffer physical and psychological losses due to accidents that could have been prevented through patience or a little sense of responsibility. Driving massive trucks during exhaustion, leaving aggressive pets on the loose, and even the lack of proper security on sites can lead to direct injuries.


While the damages cannot be reversed, you can claim financial support due to any accident caused by recklessness and negligence of another individual. You can easily get in touch with a personal injury lawyer from Louisville to navigate through the muddy waters of monetary compensation from the responsible individual(s).

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We Care About You

When you work with a personal injury lawyer, you want to work with someone that puts in the personal touch. We work closely with our clients to ensure they feel informed, comfortable and have what they need to get back on their feet.

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Get the Compensation You Deserve

When it comes to personal injury law, we are unmatched in Kentucky. We have the experience, the knowledge of local rules, laws and regulations, and we have the results. Let us get you the compensation you deserve if you have been in an accident.


Common Kentucky Injuries

We work with people all over Kentucky, here’s what we know about accidents in this great state.

There is a long list of consequences braved by the victims of injuries but they can still make the most of these unfortunate circumstances by filing a financial claim on those who have added this streak of suffering and pain in your otherwise happy and healthy life!


The claim will not directly heal your wounds but it will most definitely make things easier for the clearance of your hospital bill and the income you may have lost due to the recovery period. Attorneys in Louisville are dedicated to the cause of their clients and represent them with utter efficiency to claim the best compensation.


Oftentimes a case may not fall into the cookie-cutter set of injuries and require a personalized approach to create the best support for their client via inclusive legal practices.


The most common injury instances in Kentucky are Motorcycle Accidents, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Malpractice, Animal Attacks, Burn Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Spinal Cord Injury, Premise Liability, Product Liability and Wrongful Death.


Kentucky helps its residents receive the best financial compensation for injuries, losses, and even the loss of loved ones. Our dedicated legal experts strive to assist struggling victims to the best of their abilities.

Locally owned personal injury law office in Louisville Kentucky


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our services listed below.

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Claim?


When it comes to filing a legal action against a reckless individual in Kentucky, you can easily refer to the KRS 413.140(1)(a). This section outlines that any action must be taken within one year from the date of the accident/injury.


Injuries to personal property have a statutory limitation of two years. Acting quick after an injury in Kentucky can help your filed suit come to fruition. If you fail to take legal action within the suggested timeframe, then your claim could be denied.


It is imperative to initiate the proceedings at the earliest possible time, perhaps the time at the hospital would be ideal since your memory would be fresh and help you create an accurate claim for the injury or loss.


Do You Handle Personal Injury Cases Involving Loss Of Life?


Yes. Cases involving the loss of life receive priority and diligence to protect the rights of the family that has lost their loved ones to the negligence of a care facility or the recklessness of an individual. Wrongful death cases require conscientious efforts to gather evidence and consult with experts, conduct witness interviews and classify facts in a compelling case.


Civil action can be taken against any individual who is directly responsible for the loss of a family member on behalf of parents, children, spouses, and other immediate family members as well. The claim includes medical and funeral expenses, loss of wages, trauma and the suffering that have ensued since the loss of this life in question.


While the success of these cases cannot fulfil the abyss left in your life, lawyers continue to work compassionately to get a verdict that does not lead to financial uncertainty even for a short duration of time.


Filling a case for wrongful death and fighting it to the last minute can help send a warning to everyone about being careful in every circumstance that could be injurious to the health or life of others.


What Types Of Compensation Am I Entitled To Receive?


Your entitled compensation mainly depends on the injuries and their impact on your life. Typically, legal firms assure the medical expenses from the injury and the cost of future medical care. These costs are added to the lost wages during recuperation and also cover the costs of your survival if you cannot go back to work.


Certain legal experts from Louisville have been successful in claiming charges for punitive damages on the pain and suffering experienced by the clients. These damages ensure punishment for the defendant and help create an example out of the case. It works well to raise awareness and also helps society beware of such recklessness.


What if I’m not in Kentucky?


No worries. We have you covered. Our team of experienced lawyers are able to work on cases in Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana, so even if you have an accident outside of Kentucky, we can still get you the compensation you deserve.


How Much Is My Case Worth?


The worth of your case cannot be measured against a universal standard. The personal injury victims in Kentucky can only recover damages when they have a solid case filed within the statutory limitations. If your injury has resulted from the carelessness or negligence of an outsider, then your insurance settlement and jury verdict would all line up in your favour.


The total amount of compensation differs according to the situation and particular circumstances. There are a few specific variables that can pretty much make or break your compensation total in a personal injury claim from Louisville, Kentucky. These include:


  • The injury severity
  • The duration of recovery
  • The costs incurred on the victim’s own pocket
  • The total degree of physical and emotional injuries sustained by the individual
  • The victim’s ability to get back to work post-injury


Our aim is to ensure recovery on not just the economic damages but also the non-economic ones. It is ideal to develop a clarity between the economic and non-economic damages.


The economic damages are easily calculable in the case of an injury. These include:


  1. Medical bills related to the accident/injury.
  2. Prescriptions and medical equipment are needed to get back to health.
  3. The loss of wages during recovery and recuperation post-injury.
  4. The general expenses were lost on the treatment.
  5. Damages for personal property.


The non-economic damages from personal injuries are the ones that are commonly referred to as general damages. These are immeasurable due to their intangible nature. They are hard to value. These include:


  1. The suffering and pain endured by the individual.
  2. The psychological and emotional distress.
  3. Loss of joy and activity due to recovery and recuperation.
  4. The loss of a loved one.


Do I Have A Case If I Was Partly At Fault?


Even if the accident is partly your fault, Kentucky follows the excellent Pure Comparative Negligence to identify the amounts due on each individual. Even if you were partially involved in the injury, you can still file a case for the damages that were not caused by you.


Theoretically, you can claim for the 1 percent of damages that were caused by the other party when you were 99 percent at fault. The practical approach taken by Kentucky’s legal system makes it easier for you to cover the costs of total damages.


In the case of an injury, it is best to remain silent about your fault and let your lawyer decide and navigate through the complexities of the case. Any admission on your part would weaken your stance for compensation at a later date.


Any speculations or partial acceptance of a personal fault could be highly injurious to your case and progress.


How Much Will My Case Cost Me?


We charge our clients a percentage of the value of your compensation. Contact us today for more information about this.


Our ultimate goal is to protect you from financial hardship, and if we don’t win you compensation, you don’t pay.


What Are The Important Things To Do Before Filing A Personal injury Claim?


When you are filing a claim, the first thing you must do is to ensure your safety. Trying to be the tough cookie in this situation can lead to dangerous circumstances for you. Accidents are an inevitable part of life and can happen to anyone. Hence being aware of the right plan of action will help you get ahead of the defendant in any unfortunate circumstances.


From car accidents to injuries sustained by the use of a defective product, here is a list of things you must follow and collect to get the best compensation for your damages and loss.


Seek Medical Assistance Immediately
No injury is too small when you have undergone an accident. You must visit a healthcare facility immediately for a checkup by a qualified physician. That way, you can easily rule out any internal injuries that could potentially cause health issues at a later day, when the wounds have worsened.


If you seek immediate care, you can score a better compensation as there would be little to no room for reductions by the defendant.


File A Police Report
You may not feel like calling the police on site but getting a complaint filed can help you a lot in terms of health coverage and economic well being. The police report can be used as an official document to cite the accident and prove that you have experienced loss or damages, exactly how your lawyer has presented them. The officer on duty would take your account and then speak to witnesses too if needed.


Maintain Your Calm
It is easy to get overwhelmed on the site of an accident but this is the time where you need to be at your A-game. When the medical or legal personnel arrive at the accident, you need to take a few deep breaths. Avoid giving any statements in a rush as you may not be able to fully comprehend the event. Try to get an attorney as soon as you can for your assistance.


Don’t Try To Settle The Case On Your Own
Keeping an attorney on board will help you take calculated steps. This will help you settle the case with suitable compensation. Professional advice will help you navigate through the complexity of the paperwork, insurance claims and also the best way to move forward. Contact us for a dedicated and dynamic personal injury lawyer from Louisville, Kentucky. We’d love to help you with your case.


Many personal injury lawyers in Kentucky take on hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. They view your case in dollar signs and decimals. We refuse to do that at Louisville Injury Firm. We do not overload ourselves. We remember each and every one of our clients’ names. We treat you with the respect you deserve in order to get you the settlement you deserve.

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