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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyer Louisville
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Have you been hurt or sustained an injury while using a product? Do you believe the product was the cause of your injury? If you answered yes, you need to contact the team at Louisville Injury Law Firm today, as you may be entitled to a file a compensation claim against the manufacturer.

With over (502) 242-9000 experience in assisting a variety of clients’ ton successfully obtain compensation payments related to products liability, our highly-experienced and professional team are here to help you when you need.

With 24/7 telephone support available and free initial consultations where we can discuss your potential products liability claim in depth, Louisville Injury Law Firm are your local products liability experts.

Products Liability Concepts

Manufacturers as well as distributors, meaning the companies who sell products have a duty of care to ensure the safety of consumers. Should they fasil to actively and reliably do this, they casn be held responsible where their products are deemed to be the cause of damage or injury.

In terms of filing a successful claim for compensation, individuals face an uphill battle. Not only do companies and large corporations often have an entire legal team at their disposal, but it is also extremely difficult to prove that a product was responsible for an injury or dan=mage.

However, that’s where Louisville Injury Law Firm comes in. Whilst it might be difficult it is not impossible and we are always up for a challenge!

Our process<br />

At Louisville Injury Law Firm we are thorough in our process, and we are committed to providing the best financial results possible. Our process involves a variety of steps and has been designed with our clients’ needs and expectations in mind.

Our products liability claim approach includes;

Complete a full investigation of the accident, looking at the cause and any other contributing factors.

Handle all relevant paperwork, including claim related paperwork and filing.

Work closely with accident experts, to get a solid view of what occurred.

Liaise with medical and financial experts in order to raise an insurance claim that accurately accounts for your injuries and suffering.

Actively participate in the negotiation process with insurers and defense lawyers actively negotiating on your behalf to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Most common products liability claims

In our experience the most common products liability claims can be divided into three categories, these include;

Product defects

Failure to ward

Design defects

Why you should use an experienced lawyer.<br />

After a product related accident, especially if you are unable to work and have suffered injuries, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer who understands the process, as this will ensure you have the best chance of a successful claim.

Our free initial consultation is perfect, as it enables you to meet with us and have an honest and open discussion. At this discussion you will see for yourself why the team at Louisville Injury Law Firm are the go-to lawyers for products liability claims.

Our drive, fight and exceptional advocacy ability truly sets us apart from our competitors, and we are invested in your success.

Contact the team at Louisville Injury Law Firm today on (502) 242-9000 and let us help you with your products liability claim!

Don’t delay! There are time limits in relation to filing that may impact your case!

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