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Animal Attacks (Dog Bites)

Dog Bites Lawyer Louisville (Animal Attacks)
Louisville Injury Firm > Animal Attacks (Dog Bites)

Dogs are frequently described as being ‘man’s best friend’ and are owned by a majority of homes and families in the US. While the majority of pet dogs are friendly, lovable family members, sometimes even the most well natured dog can attack, causing damage and injury.

The personal injury attorneys at Louisville Injury Law Firm provide free consultations and case evaluations when it comes to exploring your legal options, if you have been the victim of a dog bite, or dog attack, assisting with your claim for compensation from start to finish.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite or a dog attack, don’t delay. Call or text our team at Louisville Injury Law Firm today at (502) 242-9000 and let our dedicated and experienced injury attorneys, assist you with your claim.

Dog attack statistics

An estimated 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs, becoming the victims of dog attacks each year. While this number is surprisingly high, only 17% of dog bites require medical attention.

Unfortunately, in the majority of dog attacks, the victim of the attack is familiar to the dog, with these attacks frequently occurring close at a friend’s house, neighbor’s property, or at a family member’s house.

Who is responsible?

One of the most critical elements in terms of making a claim for compensation as a result of a dog bite or dog attack, is establishing who is responsible and where the dog bite occurred. It is important to note that dog owners bear responsibility of their dog’s actions, with limited circumstances reducing this level of responsibility. However, just as importantly, one who harbor’s the dog or allows the dangerous dog to remain on their property could also bear responsibility.

Examples of situations where dog owners are likely to be held accountable for the actions of their dog include:

when the dog bites or scratches someone or jumps on them to knock them down.

where the dog has a history of aggression towards people or other dogs

where the owner has allowed the dog to roam free, with the dog not contained in an area on the dog owners’ property

where there is no signage in existence warning people of a dog on the property

Is there a time limit to filing a claim?

It is important to note that time limits do apply in terms of filing a claim for compensation and damages after a dog attack. This is referred to as a statute of limitations. In Kentucky, there is a one year statute of limitations governing dog bites. This means, a claim must be resolved or a lawsuit must be filed within one year from the date that the bite occurred, or you will be forever barred from recovery.

What can a dog attack victim claim?

When it comes to your dog bite claim, there are several things that dog attack victims can claim. These can include:

medical expenses incurred as a result of the attack or bite and medical expenses which may be likely incurred in the future

Expenses related to emotional damages, such as for pain, suffering, anxiety and loss of enjoyment of life, PTSD, depression, etc.

Loss of earnings from missing work or being unable to perform your job while you are recovering.

Scars or other permanent injuries which cause embarrassment

Future scar revision surgery or plastic surgery to help fix the appearance of a dog bite injury

What to look for in a dog bite attorney?

The experienced dog bite lawyers at Louisville Injury Law Firm have years of experience assisting dog attack victims who are seeking compensation for their injuries and damages. We understand that being the victim of a dog attack can be extremely stressful, with injuries being both physical and emotional. Our dedicated legal team is here to assist you with each step of the claims process, advocating effectively on your behalf so you can focus on healing and recovery.

If you have been the victim of a dog attack recently, or have questions about a friend or family member who has suffered from a dog bite, do not wait to call. Contact Louisville Injury Law Firm day or night for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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